History of Babaghodrat Tourism Complex

This inn is made in Ghajar era In order to lounge and last place before entering to Mashhad holy city and it used until many years for this purpose but in about fifty years ago, after that its last Trustee heir Eshaagh Khan Gharayi(at that time he was the governor of Mashhad in Ghajar era) died because the lack of other heir it transferred to the government and after that the ownership empowered to the Irans government . After years this inn transferred by government to the alcohol drinks factory with the name noush in Mashhad.After the victory of Islamic revolution of Iran and closing that factory part of the revolution committees were based in that place and its going on until 1985 that the addict rehabilitation was organized and based on the governmental sanctioned law this location became a place for addicts rehabilitation .so during this times and none awareness of beneficiaries from Historical and cultural importance of the place the lack of historical places protection laws, any kind of non-normative manipulation in place was happened and Practically any protection and keeping didn’t take place and it becomes ruin and finally became to the storage of waste. In 2006 based on the agreement of private section and government it was appointed to repair and reconstruct this inn and the operations get started and with in four years continued efforts despite of too many problems from some government and private sections ,finally in first of October in 2010 under the supervision of cultural legacy organization of Khorasan Province as Baba Ghodrat tourism complex officially opened and exploited.